Horn Symposium Update No. 4

IMG_0937Today was a little bit different in terms of what I attended, but it was still a very productive day at the symposium. I’ll give my customary recap below, but have also included a list of some new music and equipment purchased during the week. Although I have been pretty selective at this symposium with buying books, sheet music, and other merchandise, I did pick up what I hope will be a few very useful items.

  • Concert – Timothy Thompson, Travis Bennett, Daren Robbins A fantastic concert of new and/or little known works for horn ensemble, horn with piano, and horn with chamber ensemble. Timothy Thompson (University of Arkansas) conducted a horn ensemble in his composition Hornscape for Eight Horns. A very effective work incorporating extended techniques and antiphonal effects. Next, Travis Bennett (Western Carolina University) gave a great performance of the seldom heard Sonata for Horn and Piano by York Bowen. I really enjoyed this work, which is written in a neo-Romantic style. Daren Robbins (Mahidol University) closed the concert with a new work for horn, trombone, tuba, and piano by Australian composer Christopher Gordon. Another great performance, especially in the lyrical second movement.
  • Lecture – Recovering from Lip Injury: The Long Road Back (Bruce Atwell) Several months ago I posted an interview with Bruce Atwell, who teaches at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh and is a very active freelancer in Milwaukee and the surrounding area. For some background on Bruce’s story, feel free to check out the interview. I haven’t spoken much to Bruce since our interview, and it was great to catch up with him and hear some more details about his recovery.
  • Theatrical Production: I Found My Horn This was a fantastic performance, and really a tour de force for the actor. If you ever have the chance to see this show performed, I highly recommend it! Here’s a summary, which can be found on the IHS 47 website.
    Jonathan Guy Lewis is directed by Harry Burton in an updated production of this wryly funny and infinitely touching story about making music and confronting one’s private demons. Adapted from Jasper Rees’ popular book, A Devil to Play, the play was premiered in 2008 at the Aldeburgh Festival in Benjamin Britten’s home town. It was performed to great acclaim at the 2014 International Horn Society workshop in London.
    A man wakes up at forty to a broken marriage, a beckoning bedsit, and the realisation that he has done nothing to make himself memorable. Then he clambers into the attic… After a lay-off of 25 years, he seeks redemption via the sixteen feet of treacherous brass tubing he never mastered in his youth. Resuming his old French horn, he sets himself an impossible task: to perform a Mozart concerto in front of a paying audience of horn fanatics.

This was the last major event of the day for me, although I did stop in briefly to hear a bit of the Berlin Philharmonic Horn Quartet. It was a packed house (standing room only) so I elected to step out early and get some dinner. Earlier in the day I had the opportunity to read through a new horn quartet composition by Gina Gillie with Daren Robbins and Lin Foulk. We were also joined by Douglas Hill, who listened and provided feedback. The quartet is really well done, so be sure to look for it in publication soon.

Here’s a list of the few items I’ve purchased from the exhibitors this week. Watch this page for reviews in the future!

  • Bandera for Trumpet, Trombone, Horn and Piano, by Kerry Turner (A new work to read with Black Bayou Brass, the faculty brass ensemble at my university.)
  • Unlikely Fusion: Chamber Works by Kerry Turner (A CD which contains lots of great stuff, including a recording of Bandera.)
  • Musician, Heal Thyself, by Kristy Morrell (A new horn method book by a member of the LA Chamber Orchestra)
  • 30 Etudes for Stopped Horn, by Robert Ward (Who doesn’t need more stopped horn practice?)
  • To the Seasons for Soprano, Horn and Piano, by Gina Gillie (A relatively new work for horn/voice/piano. My colleagues and I are planning a recital tour next spring for this combination, and this piece might make a nice addition to the program.)
  • Engelbert Schmid Digital Mouthpiece, 17.5 mm ID, medium cup (Let the mouthpiece wheel of doom begin! Actually I’ve been hearing very good things about these mouthpieces, and I’m looking forward to doing some more extensive playing on it.)

Tomorrow will be my last day at the symposium, and events will include my presentation on pedagogical duets for the horn, more concerts and lectures, and a very special concert, the final performance of the American Horn Quartet. Update to follow!


New Music For Horn: Some Resources, Part II

As promised in Part I of this series, here is a list of works for horn and piano composed after 2000. This time, I found the titles by doing a subject phrase search on WorldCat for “horn and piano music.” There are a couple of caveats to both this list and the earlier list of solo horn compositions: 1) There are certainly more works out there, but they just haven’t been cataloged in the WorldCat system yet, and 2) For some of the works, particularly those by lesser-known composers, it is possible that they were written before 2000.  The reason for this is that WorldCat doesn’t always list the dates in a consistent manner.  In some cases, both a copyright date and publication date are listed, which is very helpful.  In others, only the publication date is given.  I tried to verify that all the pieces in this list were in fact composed after 2000, but there may be some errors.  Anyway, that’s enough of that.  I hope you enjoy the list, and find it useful in making creative program choices for recitals and other concerts.  As I compiled the list, I was impressed by both the amount and variety of music composed in the last decade or so.

Horn and Piano Music, 2000-2011

  • Agrell, Jeffrey, September Elegy (natural horn and piano), JOMAR Press, 2001
  • Altmanis, Alvils,  Prelude Mezragam un Klavierem, Musica Baltica, 2002
  • Amy, Gilbert, Movement, Durand, 2004
  • Arends, Michael, Fantasie, Keturi, 2005
  • Avalon, Robert, Zeal, Southern Music Co., 2006
  • Barkl, Michael, Night Words, Australian Music Centre, 2001
  • Basler, Paul, Canciones, RM Williams, 2004
  • Basler, Paul, Folk Songs from the British Isles, Southern Music, 2006
  • Basler, Paul, Three Songs of Praise, RM Williams, 2008
  • Basler, Paul, Reflections, RM Williams, 2007
  • Batterham, Andrew, Chemical Vision, Australian Music Centre, 2006
  • Biddington, Eric, Prelude and Romanza, E. Biddington, 2003
  • Biddington, Eric, Concetto, E. Biddington, 2006
  • Boisseau, Jean-Thierry, Légende, Musik Fabrik, 2007
  • Boysen, Andrew, Night Song, Emerson Horn Editions, 2000
  • Broeders, Mario, Corneando, Music Pub., 2001
  • Bullard, Alan, Circus Skills, Spartan Press, 2002
  • Buss, Howard J., Ballad, Brixton Publications, 2004
  • Buss, Howard J., In Memoriam, Brixton Publications, 2007
  • Carr, Gordon, Elegy for Lennie, Broadbent & Dunn, 2000
  • Carr-Boyd, Ann, Fantasy for Fabia, Australian Music Centre, 2003
  • Coakley, Donald, Four Colloquies, Eighth Note Publications, 2005
  • Cochereau, Emile, Kuklos, Éditions Combre, 2000
  • Collins, Brendan, Senegal, Reed Music, 2007
  • Colomer, Juan J., Visions, Editions Bim, 2007
  • Cooman, Carson P., Of Ice and Silver Swans, MMB Music, 2001
  • Cunningham, Michael Gerald, Sonata, Op. 163, Seesaw Music, 2003
  • Darbellay, Jean-Luc, Espaces Magiques (natural horn and piano), Tre Media, 2007
  • Dixon, Michael Hugh, Padma, Publications by Wirripang, 2003
  • Dvorak, Robert, Prelude, Alliance Publications, 2009
  • Faust, Randall E., Three English Folk Songs, Randall E. Faust, 2006
  • Fiddes, Ross, 1944, Two Concert Pieces, Australian Music Centre, 2004
  • Forsyth, Malcolm, Dreams, Drones and Drolleries, Counterpoint Musical Services, 2004
  • Fox, Adrienne, Two Chrome Vignettes, Emerson Edition, 2007
  • Frith, John, Sonata, Emerson Edition, 2007
  • Gantchoula, Philippe, Chant d’Automne, Combre, 2003
  • Garscha, Roland, Wüstenrufen, Roland Garscha, 2009
  • Ghidoni, Armando, Évocation en Swing, A. Leduc, 2001
  • Ghidoni, Armando, Mississippi Souvenir, Alphonse Leduc, 2000  
  • Gibbs, Christopher, Meditation, Phylloscopus Publications, 2003
  • Gillingham, David, A Baker’s Dozen, C. Alan Publications, 2002
  • Goddard, Mark, Party Pieces, Spartan Press, 2001
  • Gomelskaya, Julia, Echorn, unknown publisher, 2002
  • Gousset, Bruno, Destination Cor, G. Billaudot, 2006
  • Green, Anthony, A Yeats Fantasietta, Anthony Green, 2003
  • Greenbaum, Stuart, In Orbit (Looking Back at Earth), Australian Music Centre, 2003
  • Halle, Lars, Concert Piece, Lars Halle Music, 2008
  • Howlett, May, Nocturne, Publications by Wirripang, 2007
  • Jones, Roger, Epilogue, self-published, 2011
  • Kampe, Gordon, Pickman’s Model, Edition Juliane Klein, 2011
  • Kasparov, Andrey, Variations on a Theme by Mark Schultz, unknown publisher, 2001
  • Kelley, Daniel, Three Concert Works, Last Resort Music Pub., 2004
  • Kershaw, Richard, Night Ride, Broadbent & Dunn, 2002
  • Krol, Bernhard, Sospiri, W.G. Haas, 2002
  • Kurz, Ivan, Expectations, Cesky Rozhlas, 2009
  • Lansky, Paul, Pieces of Advice, C. Fischer, 2007
  • Lersy, Roger, Prélude en Noir et Jaune, Éditions Combre, 2000
  • Lézé, Jean-François, Sonhos, Editions Bim, 2008
  • Longstaff, Edward, Mattheson’s Rhetoric, Maecenas Music, 2002
  • Maggio, Robert, Divide, T. Presser Co., 2003
  • Méreaux, Max, Eglogue, Zurfluh, 2004
  • Méreaux, Max, Impromptu, Éditions Combre, 2008
  • Milde, Friedrich, 3 Miniatures, W.G. Haas-Musikvelag, 2000
  • Miller, Brett, Adagio, Potenza Music, 2008
  • Miller, Brett, Blue, Horn Dog Publishing, 2001
  • Miller, Brett, Andante, Horn Dog Publishing, 2007
  • Miller, J. G., Cloak and Dagger Games, Veritas Musica Publishing, 2010
  • Morel, François, Phases, Éditions Doberman-Yppan, 2008
  • Morris, Carolyn, Fantasy, Australian Music Centre, 2003-2008
  • Naulais, Jérôme, Cor Accords,  Editions Combre, 2000
  • Panos, Alexander, Lithium, Brassworks 4, 2006
  • Pascal, Claude, Equinoxe, Editions Combre, 2004
  • Pauset, Brice, Theorie der Tränen, H. Lemoine, 2007
  • Paviour, Paul, Two Pieces, Keys Press, 2000
  • Pettigrew, Laura, Tango for Two Sisters, Laura Pettigrew, 2001
  • Pichaureau, Claude, Cornotests, A. Leduc, 2001
  • Proust, Pascal, Gamins d’Paris, G. Billaudot, 2002
  • Proust, Pascal, Une Incroyable Histoire, Editions Combre, 2007
  • Proust, Pascal, Les Caprices de Pierrot, Editions Combre, 2003
  • Proust, Pascal, Petit Poéme, Editions Combre, 2005
  • Proust, Pascal, Pimperl, G. Billaudot, 2008
  • Reeder, Haydn, Movement through Obstacles, Australian Music Centre, 2004
  • Reinhart, Hugo, Adagio et Rondo, Gérard Billaudot Éditeur, 2003
  • Richards, Paul, Rush Hour, IHS Online Music Library, 2000
  • Rodríguez, Robert Xavier, Gambits: Six Chess Pieces, Hal Leonard, 2002
  • Rossignol, Bruno, Jean-Paul’s March, G. Billaudot, 2000
  • Rossum, Frederik van, Intrada, Op. 76, CeBeDeM, 2005
  • Runge, Jürgen, Etudes for Horn and Piano, Hofmeister, 2007
  • Sargon, Simon A., Six Movements, S. Sargon, 2002
  • Sisask, Urmas, Symbiotische Sinfonie, Edition 49, 2007
  • Smallman, Jeff, Il Trittico Barocco, Lighthouse Music Publications, 2006
  • Snyder, Randall, Ambronzia, unknown publisher, 2002
  • Sparke, Philip, Starter Solos, Hal Leonard, 2006
  • Sparke, Philip, Skilful Solos, Hal Leonard, 2006
  • Stanton, Harry, Gazebo Waltz, Concert Works Unlimited, 2003
  • Stirling, Ian, Three Miniatures, M. Reift, 2001
  • Stringer, John, Getting Even, University of York Music Press, 2004
  • Thistle, Robert, Bagatelle, Haas, 2008
  • Thistle, Robert, Miniaturen, Haas, 2008
  • Thomas, Edmond John, Invictus, K.C. Henslee Pub., 2000
  • Uber, David, Thou Holiest of Rivers, Imagine Music, 2009
  • Vollrath, Carl, Womble’s Wake, unknown publisher, 2005
  • Warren, Norman, Elegy, Emerson Edition, 2008
  • Wilcher, Phillip, Two Nocturnes, Keys Press, 2007
  • Wilson, Dana, Musings: An Ode to the Greek Muses, Dana Wilson, 2002
  • Winkler, Peter, Returning to the Root, IHS Online Music Library, 2004
  • Wolber, Gary, Night Music for John, Day Something Publishing, 2004
  • Zbinden, Julien-François, Episodes, Editions Bim, 2000
  • Zdechlik, John, Balade, N.A. Kjos Music Co., 2007

New Music For Horn: Some Resources, Part I

Looking for some new music for horn?  Here are some resources, as well as a list I compiled of solo horn compositions since 2000 (I will post a list of new compositions for horn and piano in Part II).  This project is a work in progress, and if you have any suggestions for the list I’d love to hear them.  If you’re wondering how I assembled the list, I did a search for musical scores on  WorldCat, using the subject phrase “horn music” and limiting the results to 2000-2011.  I’ve also added a few new pieces like Agamemnon for solo horn by William Withem. It’s not a comprehensive list, but it is a pretty good cross section of new pieces.  But first, here are some other resources for new music.

Recent Music that Features Horn:  According to the site, this list was “compiled for the Northeast Horn Workshop by Pamela J. Marshall, 3/15/2002,” and includes music since 1980.

IHS Online Music Library: Lots of new music, available for purchase in electronic format.

Dalley Horn Catalog: I have not personally used this resource, but according to Jeffrey Agrell of the University of Iowa, this is a “Searchable catalog of 28,500 titles for horn on CD-ROM.”  Anyone know how to obtain a copy?

Results from the International Horn Society’s Composition Contest: Recent results are posted online, but you can always consult back issues of The Horn Call to find older music.

List of Compositions Funded by the IHS Meir Rimon Commissioning Assistance Fund: Another list of excellent new works with horn.

And last but certainly not least, be sure to check out the reviews of new music in every issue of The Horn Call.

To close out this post here’s the list of solo horn compositions since 2000.

  • Agrell, Jeffrey, Attitudes, RM Williams, 2005
  • Aho, Kalevi, Solo X, Fennica Gehrman, 2011
  • Arnecke, Jörn, Bamberger Hörnchen, Sikorski, 2010
  • Basler, Paul, Cantos, RM Williams, 2003
  • Bissill, Richard, Lone Call and Charge, Warwick Music, 2003
  • Butler, Martin, Hunding, Oxford University Press, 2007
  • Charlton, Alan, Étude, IHS Online Music Library, 2003
  • Durand, Philippe, Abysses, Alphonse Leduc, 2002
  • Easton, James M., Vision 3, Australian Music Centre, 2002
  • Faust, Randall E., Mazasha, R.E. Faust, 2002
  • Faust, Randall E., Prelude for Horn, R. E. Faust, 2006
  • Ferrari, Giorgio, Improvvisazione, Pizzicato Verlag Helvetia, 2002
  • Frischknecht, Hans Eugen, FanSolSi III, Edition Gamma, 2008
  • Gardner, Randy C. Why?!, Thompson Edition, 2002
  • Grabois, Daniel, The Spikenard, Blue Bison Music, 2000
  • Guérinel, Lucien, Clameurs : d’après António Ramos Rosa, Symétrie, 2002
  • Haapanen, Perttu, Prism, Uusinta Publishing Company Ltd., 2008
  • Hall, Neville, Beasts Like Shadow in Glass, Centre for New Zealand Music, 2003
  • Henderson, Moya, G’day USA 1, Henderson Editions, 2003
  • Henry, Otto, Capriccio, Media Press, 2004
  • Heuser, David D., Dusty Red Sphere, Non Sequitur Music, 2003
  • Hill, Douglas, Oddities, Really Good Music, 2004
  • Hodkinson, Sydney, Night Rounds, Presser, 2010
  • Holley, Alan, Concorno, Kookaburra Music, 2010
  • Holliger, Heinz, Fury, Dream, Schott, 2005
  • Ikebe, Shinichiro, A Horn Gets Angry, Yet He Chants, Zen-on Music, 2004
  • Johnson, Tom, Tilework, Two-Eighteen Press, 2003
  • Kalabis, Viktor, Invocation, Op. 90, Editio Bärenreiter, 2001
  • Kallstrom, Michael J., Shining Moment, RM Williams, 2001
  • Kaminsky, Laura, Blast, Subito Music, 2010
  • Kelterborn, Rudolf, Melodies, Tre Media, 2007
  • Kilpiö, Lauri, Black Joy, Uusinta Pub. Co., 2003
  • Kerry, Gordon, Etude, Australian Music Centre, 2001
  • Lang, Konrad, Monológos, Edition T. Medek, 2007
  • Lebic, Lojze, In Voce Cornus, Edicije DSS, 2006
  • Lohse, Horst, Die Sirenen noch im Ohr: Hommage à Claude Debussy, Edition Gravis, 2004
  • Lucidi, Marco, Three Studies for Horn, Rai Trade, 2009
  • Malmlöf-Forssling, Carin, Orrizonte, Gehrmans Musikförlag, 2009
  • Marshall, Pamela J., Sunrise on the Hills, Spindrift Music, 2007
  • Maxwell Davies, Peter, Salute to Dennis Brain, Chester Music, 2007
  • Mellnäs, Arne, Estampes, Edition Reimers, 2001
  • Miller, J. G., Seven Sets on The Odyssey, Veritas Musica Publishing, 2010
  • Miller, J. G., Foglissimo!, Veritas Musica Publishing, 2010
  • Nagy, Zsolt, Happy Blues, RM Williams, 2004
  • Obst, Michael, Six Sketches, Breitkopf & Härtel, 2004
  • Perder, Kjell, Vocuna V, Edition Suecia, 2001
  • Pérez, Raúl, Los Pecados Capitales, Brotons & Mercadal, 2003
  • Quadranti, Luigi, Fuoco: Study for Horn in F, Pizzicato Verlag Helvetia, 2000
  • Roddie, Matthew, Close-up, University of York Music Press, 2004
  • Roth, Michel, Töne oder Tiere, Tre Media Edition, 2007
  • Salonen, Esa-Pekka, Concert Étude, Chester Music, 2000
  • Stock, David, Ghost Wind, Keiser Classical BMI, 2008
  • Sturzenegger, Kurt, Cornicen, M. Reift, 2002
  • Tamusuza, Justinian, Okukoowoola Kw’Ekkondeere, International Opus, 2007
  • Vaughan-West, David, Threnody for Solo Horn, Emerson Edition, 2003
  • Vienne, Bernard de, Epure, Zurfluh, 2003
  • Weinhart, Christoph, Notes Perdues, Dohr, 2006
  • Werner, Jean-Jacques, L’Appel, Éditions Delatour, 2006
  • Widmann, Jörg, Air, Schott, 2006
  • Withem, William, Agamemnon, IHS Online Music Library, 2011
  • Wolschina, Reinhard, Präludium, Hoche, 2007  
  • Zarzo Pitarch, Vicente, Five Monologues, Piles, 2002
  • Zimmermann, Walter, In der Welt sein, W. Zimmermann, 2007
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