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Black Bayou Brass YouTube Channel

Selected Performances (Live and Unedited)

Nocturno, Op. 73 by Bernhard Eduard Müller

Sonata for Horn and Piano, by Gina Gillie

Romanza for Horn and Piano by Jan Koetsier

Reflections for Horn and Piano, by Paul Basler

Jan Koetsier, Romanza for Horn and Piano

Carl Maria von Weber/arr. Boldin, Romance for Horn and Piano

Robert Schumann/arr. Machala, Fantasy Pieces, Op. 73

Maurice Ravel/arr. Boldin, Vocalise-Etude en Forme de Habanera

Gina Gillie, Scenes from the Bayou

Roger Jones, Diversions for Brass Trio (2017 Mid-South Horn Workshop)

Jérôme Naulais, Flash for Brass Trio

Eurico Carrapatoso, Sweet Rustica for Horn and Piano

Gina Gillie, To the Seasons for Soprano, Horn, and Piano, Movement 3

Georges Bizet/arr. James Boldin, “Deep Inside the Sacred Temple” from The Pearl Fishers


Steven Winteregg, Capital Dances for Brass Trio, Movement 2

Steven Winteregg, Capital Dances for Brass Trio, Movement 4

Verne Reynolds, Hornvibes: Three Duos for Horn and Vibraphone


Eric Ewazen, Ballade, from Ballade, Pastorale and Dance for Flute, Horn and Piano

William Schmidt, The Brass Abacus

Black Bayou Brass Live in Concert at Mahidol University, Thailand


Kopprasch, Sixty Selected Studies, Op. 6 

No. 1 No. 7 No. 13 No. 19 No. 25 No. 31 No. 37 No. 43 No. 49 No. 55
No. 2 No. 8 No. 14 No. 20 No. 26 No. 32 No. 38 No. 44 No. 50 No. 56
No. 3 No. 9 No. 15 No. 21 No. 27 No. 33 No. 39 No. 45 No. 51 No. 57
No. 4 No. 10 No. 16 No. 22 No. 28 No. 34 No. 40 No. 46 No. 52 No. 58
No. 5 No. 11 No. 17 No. 23 No. 29 No. 35 No. 41 No. 47 No. 53 No. 59
No. 6 No. 12 No. 18 No. 24 No. 30 No. 36 No. 42 No. 48 No. 54 No. 60

Horn Maintenance and Tutorial Videos

Oiling Valves
Stringing Vales
Removing Rotary Valves, Part 1
Removing Rotary Valves, Part 2

A Short Introduction to Stopped Horn

A Guide to Extended Techniques for Horn Found in Mark Schultz’s Dragons in the Sky, for Horn, Percussion, and Tape

Louisiana All-State Etudes

Set 1 | Set 1 Preparatory Exercises

Set 2

Set 3
Set 4

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