New Music For Horn: Some Resources, Part I

Looking for some new music for horn?  Here are some resources, as well as a list I compiled of solo horn compositions since 2000 (I will post a list of new compositions for horn and piano in Part II).  This project is a work in progress, and if you have any suggestions for the list I’d love to hear them.  If you’re wondering how I assembled the list, I did a search for musical scores on  WorldCat, using the subject phrase “horn music” and limiting the results to 2000-2011.  I’ve also added a few new pieces like Agamemnon for solo horn by William Withem. It’s not a comprehensive list, but it is a pretty good cross section of new pieces.  But first, here are some other resources for new music.

Recent Music that Features Horn:  According to the site, this list was “compiled for the Northeast Horn Workshop by Pamela J. Marshall, 3/15/2002,” and includes music since 1980.

IHS Online Music Library: Lots of new music, available for purchase in electronic format.

Dalley Horn Catalog: I have not personally used this resource, but according to Jeffrey Agrell of the University of Iowa, this is a “Searchable catalog of 28,500 titles for horn on CD-ROM.”  Anyone know how to obtain a copy?

Results from the International Horn Society’s Composition Contest: Recent results are posted online, but you can always consult back issues of The Horn Call to find older music.

List of Compositions Funded by the IHS Meir Rimon Commissioning Assistance Fund: Another list of excellent new works with horn.

And last but certainly not least, be sure to check out the reviews of new music in every issue of The Horn Call.

To close out this post here’s the list of solo horn compositions since 2000.

  • Agrell, Jeffrey, Attitudes, RM Williams, 2005
  • Aho, Kalevi, Solo X, Fennica Gehrman, 2011
  • Arnecke, Jörn, Bamberger Hörnchen, Sikorski, 2010
  • Basler, Paul, Cantos, RM Williams, 2003
  • Bissill, Richard, Lone Call and Charge, Warwick Music, 2003
  • Butler, Martin, Hunding, Oxford University Press, 2007
  • Charlton, Alan, Étude, IHS Online Music Library, 2003
  • Durand, Philippe, Abysses, Alphonse Leduc, 2002
  • Easton, James M., Vision 3, Australian Music Centre, 2002
  • Faust, Randall E., Mazasha, R.E. Faust, 2002
  • Faust, Randall E., Prelude for Horn, R. E. Faust, 2006
  • Ferrari, Giorgio, Improvvisazione, Pizzicato Verlag Helvetia, 2002
  • Frischknecht, Hans Eugen, FanSolSi III, Edition Gamma, 2008
  • Gardner, Randy C. Why?!, Thompson Edition, 2002
  • Grabois, Daniel, The Spikenard, Blue Bison Music, 2000
  • Guérinel, Lucien, Clameurs : d’après António Ramos Rosa, Symétrie, 2002
  • Haapanen, Perttu, Prism, Uusinta Publishing Company Ltd., 2008
  • Hall, Neville, Beasts Like Shadow in Glass, Centre for New Zealand Music, 2003
  • Henderson, Moya, G’day USA 1, Henderson Editions, 2003
  • Henry, Otto, Capriccio, Media Press, 2004
  • Heuser, David D., Dusty Red Sphere, Non Sequitur Music, 2003
  • Hill, Douglas, Oddities, Really Good Music, 2004
  • Hodkinson, Sydney, Night Rounds, Presser, 2010
  • Holley, Alan, Concorno, Kookaburra Music, 2010
  • Holliger, Heinz, Fury, Dream, Schott, 2005
  • Ikebe, Shinichiro, A Horn Gets Angry, Yet He Chants, Zen-on Music, 2004
  • Johnson, Tom, Tilework, Two-Eighteen Press, 2003
  • Kalabis, Viktor, Invocation, Op. 90, Editio Bärenreiter, 2001
  • Kallstrom, Michael J., Shining Moment, RM Williams, 2001
  • Kaminsky, Laura, Blast, Subito Music, 2010
  • Kelterborn, Rudolf, Melodies, Tre Media, 2007
  • Kilpiö, Lauri, Black Joy, Uusinta Pub. Co., 2003
  • Kerry, Gordon, Etude, Australian Music Centre, 2001
  • Lang, Konrad, Monológos, Edition T. Medek, 2007
  • Lebic, Lojze, In Voce Cornus, Edicije DSS, 2006
  • Lohse, Horst, Die Sirenen noch im Ohr: Hommage à Claude Debussy, Edition Gravis, 2004
  • Lucidi, Marco, Three Studies for Horn, Rai Trade, 2009
  • Malmlöf-Forssling, Carin, Orrizonte, Gehrmans Musikförlag, 2009
  • Marshall, Pamela J., Sunrise on the Hills, Spindrift Music, 2007
  • Maxwell Davies, Peter, Salute to Dennis Brain, Chester Music, 2007
  • Mellnäs, Arne, Estampes, Edition Reimers, 2001
  • Miller, J. G., Seven Sets on The Odyssey, Veritas Musica Publishing, 2010
  • Miller, J. G., Foglissimo!, Veritas Musica Publishing, 2010
  • Nagy, Zsolt, Happy Blues, RM Williams, 2004
  • Obst, Michael, Six Sketches, Breitkopf & Härtel, 2004
  • Perder, Kjell, Vocuna V, Edition Suecia, 2001
  • Pérez, Raúl, Los Pecados Capitales, Brotons & Mercadal, 2003
  • Quadranti, Luigi, Fuoco: Study for Horn in F, Pizzicato Verlag Helvetia, 2000
  • Roddie, Matthew, Close-up, University of York Music Press, 2004
  • Roth, Michel, Töne oder Tiere, Tre Media Edition, 2007
  • Salonen, Esa-Pekka, Concert Étude, Chester Music, 2000
  • Stock, David, Ghost Wind, Keiser Classical BMI, 2008
  • Sturzenegger, Kurt, Cornicen, M. Reift, 2002
  • Tamusuza, Justinian, Okukoowoola Kw’Ekkondeere, International Opus, 2007
  • Vaughan-West, David, Threnody for Solo Horn, Emerson Edition, 2003
  • Vienne, Bernard de, Epure, Zurfluh, 2003
  • Weinhart, Christoph, Notes Perdues, Dohr, 2006
  • Werner, Jean-Jacques, L’Appel, Éditions Delatour, 2006
  • Widmann, Jörg, Air, Schott, 2006
  • Withem, William, Agamemnon, IHS Online Music Library, 2011
  • Wolschina, Reinhard, Präludium, Hoche, 2007  
  • Zarzo Pitarch, Vicente, Five Monologues, Piles, 2002
  • Zimmermann, Walter, In der Welt sein, W. Zimmermann, 2007

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