New Music For Horn: Some Resources, Part II

As promised in Part I of this series, here is a list of works for horn and piano composed after 2000. This time, I found the titles by doing a subject phrase search on WorldCat for “horn and piano music.” There are a couple of caveats to both this list and the earlier list of solo horn compositions: 1) There are certainly more works out there, but they just haven’t been cataloged in the WorldCat system yet, and 2) For some of the works, particularly those by lesser-known composers, it is possible that they were written before 2000.  The reason for this is that WorldCat doesn’t always list the dates in a consistent manner.  In some cases, both a copyright date and publication date are listed, which is very helpful.  In others, only the publication date is given.  I tried to verify that all the pieces in this list were in fact composed after 2000, but there may be some errors.  Anyway, that’s enough of that.  I hope you enjoy the list, and find it useful in making creative program choices for recitals and other concerts.  As I compiled the list, I was impressed by both the amount and variety of music composed in the last decade or so.

Horn and Piano Music, 2000-2011

  • Agrell, Jeffrey, September Elegy (natural horn and piano), JOMAR Press, 2001
  • Altmanis, Alvils,  Prelude Mezragam un Klavierem, Musica Baltica, 2002
  • Amy, Gilbert, Movement, Durand, 2004
  • Arends, Michael, Fantasie, Keturi, 2005
  • Avalon, Robert, Zeal, Southern Music Co., 2006
  • Barkl, Michael, Night Words, Australian Music Centre, 2001
  • Basler, Paul, Canciones, RM Williams, 2004
  • Basler, Paul, Folk Songs from the British Isles, Southern Music, 2006
  • Basler, Paul, Three Songs of Praise, RM Williams, 2008
  • Basler, Paul, Reflections, RM Williams, 2007
  • Batterham, Andrew, Chemical Vision, Australian Music Centre, 2006
  • Biddington, Eric, Prelude and Romanza, E. Biddington, 2003
  • Biddington, Eric, Concetto, E. Biddington, 2006
  • Boisseau, Jean-Thierry, Légende, Musik Fabrik, 2007
  • Boysen, Andrew, Night Song, Emerson Horn Editions, 2000
  • Broeders, Mario, Corneando, Music Pub., 2001
  • Bullard, Alan, Circus Skills, Spartan Press, 2002
  • Buss, Howard J., Ballad, Brixton Publications, 2004
  • Buss, Howard J., In Memoriam, Brixton Publications, 2007
  • Carr, Gordon, Elegy for Lennie, Broadbent & Dunn, 2000
  • Carr-Boyd, Ann, Fantasy for Fabia, Australian Music Centre, 2003
  • Coakley, Donald, Four Colloquies, Eighth Note Publications, 2005
  • Cochereau, Emile, Kuklos, Éditions Combre, 2000
  • Collins, Brendan, Senegal, Reed Music, 2007
  • Colomer, Juan J., Visions, Editions Bim, 2007
  • Cooman, Carson P., Of Ice and Silver Swans, MMB Music, 2001
  • Cunningham, Michael Gerald, Sonata, Op. 163, Seesaw Music, 2003
  • Darbellay, Jean-Luc, Espaces Magiques (natural horn and piano), Tre Media, 2007
  • Dixon, Michael Hugh, Padma, Publications by Wirripang, 2003
  • Dvorak, Robert, Prelude, Alliance Publications, 2009
  • Faust, Randall E., Three English Folk Songs, Randall E. Faust, 2006
  • Fiddes, Ross, 1944, Two Concert Pieces, Australian Music Centre, 2004
  • Forsyth, Malcolm, Dreams, Drones and Drolleries, Counterpoint Musical Services, 2004
  • Fox, Adrienne, Two Chrome Vignettes, Emerson Edition, 2007
  • Frith, John, Sonata, Emerson Edition, 2007
  • Gantchoula, Philippe, Chant d’Automne, Combre, 2003
  • Garscha, Roland, Wüstenrufen, Roland Garscha, 2009
  • Ghidoni, Armando, Évocation en Swing, A. Leduc, 2001
  • Ghidoni, Armando, Mississippi Souvenir, Alphonse Leduc, 2000  
  • Gibbs, Christopher, Meditation, Phylloscopus Publications, 2003
  • Gillingham, David, A Baker’s Dozen, C. Alan Publications, 2002
  • Goddard, Mark, Party Pieces, Spartan Press, 2001
  • Gomelskaya, Julia, Echorn, unknown publisher, 2002
  • Gousset, Bruno, Destination Cor, G. Billaudot, 2006
  • Green, Anthony, A Yeats Fantasietta, Anthony Green, 2003
  • Greenbaum, Stuart, In Orbit (Looking Back at Earth), Australian Music Centre, 2003
  • Halle, Lars, Concert Piece, Lars Halle Music, 2008
  • Howlett, May, Nocturne, Publications by Wirripang, 2007
  • Jones, Roger, Epilogue, self-published, 2011
  • Kampe, Gordon, Pickman’s Model, Edition Juliane Klein, 2011
  • Kasparov, Andrey, Variations on a Theme by Mark Schultz, unknown publisher, 2001
  • Kelley, Daniel, Three Concert Works, Last Resort Music Pub., 2004
  • Kershaw, Richard, Night Ride, Broadbent & Dunn, 2002
  • Krol, Bernhard, Sospiri, W.G. Haas, 2002
  • Kurz, Ivan, Expectations, Cesky Rozhlas, 2009
  • Lansky, Paul, Pieces of Advice, C. Fischer, 2007
  • Lersy, Roger, Prélude en Noir et Jaune, Éditions Combre, 2000
  • Lézé, Jean-François, Sonhos, Editions Bim, 2008
  • Longstaff, Edward, Mattheson’s Rhetoric, Maecenas Music, 2002
  • Maggio, Robert, Divide, T. Presser Co., 2003
  • Méreaux, Max, Eglogue, Zurfluh, 2004
  • Méreaux, Max, Impromptu, Éditions Combre, 2008
  • Milde, Friedrich, 3 Miniatures, W.G. Haas-Musikvelag, 2000
  • Miller, Brett, Adagio, Potenza Music, 2008
  • Miller, Brett, Blue, Horn Dog Publishing, 2001
  • Miller, Brett, Andante, Horn Dog Publishing, 2007
  • Miller, J. G., Cloak and Dagger Games, Veritas Musica Publishing, 2010
  • Morel, François, Phases, Éditions Doberman-Yppan, 2008
  • Morris, Carolyn, Fantasy, Australian Music Centre, 2003-2008
  • Naulais, Jérôme, Cor Accords,  Editions Combre, 2000
  • Panos, Alexander, Lithium, Brassworks 4, 2006
  • Pascal, Claude, Equinoxe, Editions Combre, 2004
  • Pauset, Brice, Theorie der Tränen, H. Lemoine, 2007
  • Paviour, Paul, Two Pieces, Keys Press, 2000
  • Pettigrew, Laura, Tango for Two Sisters, Laura Pettigrew, 2001
  • Pichaureau, Claude, Cornotests, A. Leduc, 2001
  • Proust, Pascal, Gamins d’Paris, G. Billaudot, 2002
  • Proust, Pascal, Une Incroyable Histoire, Editions Combre, 2007
  • Proust, Pascal, Les Caprices de Pierrot, Editions Combre, 2003
  • Proust, Pascal, Petit Poéme, Editions Combre, 2005
  • Proust, Pascal, Pimperl, G. Billaudot, 2008
  • Reeder, Haydn, Movement through Obstacles, Australian Music Centre, 2004
  • Reinhart, Hugo, Adagio et Rondo, Gérard Billaudot Éditeur, 2003
  • Richards, Paul, Rush Hour, IHS Online Music Library, 2000
  • Rodríguez, Robert Xavier, Gambits: Six Chess Pieces, Hal Leonard, 2002
  • Rossignol, Bruno, Jean-Paul’s March, G. Billaudot, 2000
  • Rossum, Frederik van, Intrada, Op. 76, CeBeDeM, 2005
  • Runge, Jürgen, Etudes for Horn and Piano, Hofmeister, 2007
  • Sargon, Simon A., Six Movements, S. Sargon, 2002
  • Sisask, Urmas, Symbiotische Sinfonie, Edition 49, 2007
  • Smallman, Jeff, Il Trittico Barocco, Lighthouse Music Publications, 2006
  • Snyder, Randall, Ambronzia, unknown publisher, 2002
  • Sparke, Philip, Starter Solos, Hal Leonard, 2006
  • Sparke, Philip, Skilful Solos, Hal Leonard, 2006
  • Stanton, Harry, Gazebo Waltz, Concert Works Unlimited, 2003
  • Stirling, Ian, Three Miniatures, M. Reift, 2001
  • Stringer, John, Getting Even, University of York Music Press, 2004
  • Thistle, Robert, Bagatelle, Haas, 2008
  • Thistle, Robert, Miniaturen, Haas, 2008
  • Thomas, Edmond John, Invictus, K.C. Henslee Pub., 2000
  • Uber, David, Thou Holiest of Rivers, Imagine Music, 2009
  • Vollrath, Carl, Womble’s Wake, unknown publisher, 2005
  • Warren, Norman, Elegy, Emerson Edition, 2008
  • Wilcher, Phillip, Two Nocturnes, Keys Press, 2007
  • Wilson, Dana, Musings: An Ode to the Greek Muses, Dana Wilson, 2002
  • Winkler, Peter, Returning to the Root, IHS Online Music Library, 2004
  • Wolber, Gary, Night Music for John, Day Something Publishing, 2004
  • Zbinden, Julien-François, Episodes, Editions Bim, 2000
  • Zdechlik, John, Balade, N.A. Kjos Music Co., 2007

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