Kopprasch Project continued, No. 54

Here’s the latest installment in the Kopprasch Project. After 54 etudes and nearly three years, I am glad to see this extended project nearing its completion! No. 54 is similar in scope to previous studies in the collection (scales and arpeggios), but with a higher difficulty level. The suggested tempo is quarter note = 84-100, and my personal tempo is around quarter=96. One issue with this study (and others) is breathing. The logical place to breath is after the eighth note in measure 9, but at a fast tempo it is a challenge to take a full enough breath which will last until the end of measure 16. I chose to take a little time in measure 9 and really tank up on the air. In addition, it helps to strictly observe the mezzo forte marking beginning at m. 9.

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Thank you for the Kopprasch Project. My question is why in most of the Kopprasch youtube posts by you and others there seems to be a contest to see who can play the fastest.? The virtuosity is impressive but some really beautiful music happens in a hurry.

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Hi Forrest,

Thanks for commenting, and for watching the video. With regards to tempo choice in these etudes, I try to choose tempos which work for breathing and phrasing purposes, while also remaining as close as possible to what is indicated in the score. In No. 54, for instance, the “Allegro con spirito” marking, along with the editor’s suggested range of quarter=84-100, led me to a tempo of around quarter=96. There are, of course, a wide range of workable tempos for all of the etudes. I’ve never really thought of these videos as a competition with anyone but myself, and I strive to make each recording a little better than the last. On a personal note, my favorite Kopprasch studies are not the fast ones, but rather the slow, quasi-lyrical ones (Nos.15, 21, 46, 49, 53, 55, and 59). I wish there were an entire book of them!

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