Headed to the Midwest Clinic

This week I’m headed to Chicago for the 65th Annual Midwest Clinic, one of the largest music education conferences in the world (image at left linked from the Midwest Clinic website).  This being my first Midwest Clinic, I’m very excited about taking in all the sights and sounds, as well as  presenting a clinic titled “Stopped and Muted Horn: A Guide for Directors.” Though I’m sure I won’t be able to see everything Midwest has to offer, I’ve put together my priority of list of things to do while I’m there.

  • Check out some other clinics: In addition to my clinic on stopped and muted horn playing, there will be a number of other brass related presentations during the conference. Visit the clinician page for more information on all the Midwest clinicians as well as downloadable handouts.
  • Attend the CSO Brass concert:  It’s been several years since I last heard the Chicago Symphony, and over the years their brass section’s annual performance at the Midwest Clinic has become legendary.
  • Exhibits, Exhibits, Exhibits: Midwest boasts the most exhibitors I’ve ever seen at a conference, and I’m looking forward to spending the better part of a few days browsing for music and other fun stuff.
  • Attend Concerts: Other than the CSO brass concert, I’m not sure at this point which other concerts I’ll be attending, but I plan to hear at least a few large and small ensembles, including the Boston Brass.
  • Reconnect with friends and colleagues: I have a number of friends from all over the country who’ll be attending the clinic, and I hope to be able to speak to as many of them as possible.  Networking and just hanging out with friends and colleagues is a very important part of conference attendance, thought it isn’t mentioned very often.
  • Update my blog: Depending on the availability of WiFi, I hope to post brief updates daily while at Midwest, followed by a more substantial write up afterwards.

If any regular readers out there will be attending this year’s Midwest Clinic, I’d love to see you at my presentation (Friday, December 16th @ 1:00pm).   See you in Chicago!

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