Kopprasch Project Continued, No. 32

No. 32 (No. 33 in the Cornopub edition) is great for working on general flexibility, and especially large tongued leaps.  My tempo settled somewhere around quarter note=92, and the Cornopub edition lists a tempo range of 84-108. Verne Reynolds gives the following advice for this one in The Horn Handbook.

Etude No. 32 is a wonderful exercise for getting the low notes to speak on time after a large leap downward. Check the mirror occasionally to see whether there is excessive motion on the leap downward. There is good reason to practice this etude in all dynamic levels, including the extremes. The Gumpert-Frehse edition has no suggested volume level; the Chambers edition suggests mezzo-forte. Both suggest sempre staccato, but that does not preclude using a longer tongue stroke also. (p. 61)

One idea that may help is to find a sort of midway point between high and low settings, and work on playing this etude with the most efficient shift possible. I seemed to run into problems when I overcompensated on the leaps, and also when I tried to play the lower notes too loudly.

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