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One of the more popular posts on this blog is about the Lenoir High School Band; there seems to be a large community of people scattered all over the country who have an interest in the history of this ensemble.  Over the holidays I helped my parents go through some of the miscellaneous things left in my grandparents’ house when they passed away last summer, and among them were some very nice collector’s items related to the Lenoir High School Band. The first is a book about the LHS Band,  Lenoir’s Own: The Story of the Lenoir High School Band 1924-1977, by Lucy F. McCarl.  Published by Morris Publishing (NE) in 2008, this slim volume chronicles the history of the band and its directors from its inception until the closing of LHS in 1977.  I’m sure the book is still available, and it would make a very nice gift for anyone interested in its subject.  The brief quote below gives a good idea of the kinds of information, often in the form of anecdotes,  included in the book.  Numerous black and white photographs help give a more complete picture of the band and its history.

As the band played more and more engagements and went farther afield, they became acquainted with many excellent musicians and musical groups. Captain Harper himself enjoyed association with illustrious persons; naturally, the band was a beneficiary of the contacts he made.  Eventually he was nominated for membership in the American Bandmasters Association…His first ABA convention was in 1935 in Cincinnati.

He was one of only about three high school band directors in the ABA when he became a member. Most of the members were directors of municipal, professional, or collegiate bands. The membership also included some outstanding performers. Captain Harper recalls of these times:

“I was sitting at a supper table one night in Cincinnati with Frank Simon, Herbert Clarke, and Ernest Williams when I asked myself how on earth I ever got to eat supper with probably the three greatest living cornetists in America. I will say for these men that none of them had any pretensions to greatness, but were sincere and honest and kindly in every respect. You would have supposed that I had grown up with them and was their equal in every respect. If that was their attitude, it was not at all my own feeling, for I worshiped the very ground that they walked on.”  [p. 33]

The second item is really extraordinary – a two LP album compiled for the 50th Anniversary celebration (1924-1974) of the LHS Band.  The album includes interviews with Captain James C. Harper, the founder and longtime director of the LHS Band, as well as several recordings of the ensemble ranging from 1954-1969.  I have fond memories of my grandfather proudly showing me the album when I was a child.  Captain Harper’s autograph adorns the back – my grandfather probably asked Harper to sign it at the 50th Anniversary concert in 1974.  The interview portions of the album, conducted by John R. Craig, were recorded by Galaxie Recording Studios (Taylorsville, NC).  I’m not sure if the album has been released on CD – probably not – but you might still be able to find a copy of it somewhere.  Included below are a few short excerpts, including two interviews with Captain Harper, as well as a 1969 recording of the band performing a transcription of Elsa’s Procession to the Cathedral by Richard Wagner.

Interview with Captain Harper No. 1 (John R. Craig, interviewing)

Interview with Captain Harper No. 2 (John R. Craig, interviewing)

Richard Wagner, Elsa’s Procession to the Cathedral, 1969 Lenoir High School Band, conducted by Captain Harper

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I would assume it is the old Lucien Cailliet arrangement, although the harp part may have been added to more closely match the orchestral score. There is a long tradition of this practice I believe in performing orchestral transcriptions.


Does anyone know where I can find a recording of “St Francis of Assisi” Overture by R L Moehlmann? It’s out of print, I know. I heard this piece played in 1965 by the Freedman High School Band in Lenoir, NC under the direction of the late Mr. Marvin Davenport, by the Torrence Lytle High School Band of Huntersville, NC under the direction of the late Mr. Titus Ledbetter and by the Stephens Lee High School Band in Asheville, NC. I collect concert band recordings and I would love to have this piece in my collection.


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