100th Post!

This marks my 100th post, so I thought I’d take a minute to reflect a bit on what it’s been like to maintain a blog.  All in all, I am extremely glad I started the blog back in June of this year, and while it hasn’t always been easy to post regularly, ideas for posts somehow keep popping into my head, inspired either by reading other blogs, through working out problems in my own playing, or through observing my students and colleagues.  I also keep a running list of possible topics, and frequently jot down ideas for posts as they come to me throughout the day. While this blog is primarily devoted to horn teaching and playing, I’ve been able to touch on a number of other topics, either directly or indirectly related to music. My writing has gotten better (I think) simply because of all the practice I get putting together daily posts.  I don’t always have time to post every day, so I try to double or triple up on days when I have some spare time. Little did I know back in June that this would be one of my busiest semesters ever, but so far things have worked out well enough so that I can post once a day five days a week.  I usually don’t post anything on weekends, if for no other reason than needing a brief respite from all things blog-related. The support and readership on this blog has been pleasantly surprising, and I sincerely thank all of my regular readers.  In an over-stimulated world full of things competing for your attention, I am truly grateful that you consider this blog worth reading.  I plan to keep writing, and I hope that you keep reading!

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Congratulations! Very impressed with your frequency of posts as it is. I think blogging is a terrific mental discipline. As you say, once you start, all kinds of ideas pop into your head for posts. The main thing, at least for me, has been that when I come to write a post, it’s sometimes not as clear in my head as I’d thought, and having to pin things down with words solidifies what I already think and often nudges me a bit further down the road.

I was an English major first time around, and they talk about “tone” or “voice” just like musicians. There’s no “edge” to your voice, just an evident enthusiasm for what you’re up to and enjoyment in sharing your insights. Makes for pleasant reading. Keep up the good work!


James well done on reaching this landmark – I really enjoy reading your blog on a daily basis. I have learnt and been challenged to rethink various concepts thanks to your writing – well done and thank you! Here’s to next 100 postings.
Best wishes,


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