More Videos

Here are a few more videos of interest to horn players, the first being the newly-updated video page on this site. Rather than embedding all of the clips (which made the page load more slowly), the videos are now categorized and hyper-linked. Feel free to give them a look!

Next is an excellent video produced by the U.S. Army Field Band. Titled Horn Playing Past and Present, the video provides a nice historical background, as well as playing tips and several musical examples featuring the U.S. Army Field Band horn section. It’s nice to see this content being made available on YouTube (by the Field Band), as it was previously only available directly from the band and wasn’t for sale.

The last video for today is from a performance given by Black Bayou Brass (resident faculty brass ensemble here at ULM) in Thailand at Mahidol University on June 5, 2012. The performance was broadcast on public television in Thailand, and we were generously provided a copy of the broadcast. Overall I think the concert comes across very well, with some nice camera work and onscreen titles. Thanks again to Daren Robbins, Horn Professor at Mahidol University, for procuring a copy of the video for us.

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