Brass Trio and Brass Quintet Repertoire Lists

I came across two really interesting articles recently on brass trio and brass quintet repertoire,  Top 20 Brass Trios and Top 50 Brass Quintets.  Both articles are by Will Kimball, Associate Professor of Trombone at Brigham Young University.  These articles are part of a larger website called HubPages, which features many articles on a variety of topics.  As a member of a faculty brass trio at my university I was particularly interested in this list – we are always looking for new repertoire!  I was familiar with most of the list, but a few of them I had not heard of, including trios by Jean Louel and Fisher Tull.

The other list of repertoire is devoted to original and transcribed brass quintet music, another area of interest for me. Dr. Kimball’s list is comprehensive, and includes difficulty rankings from 1 (easiest) to 6 (hardest).  If you play in a brass quintet and aren’t familiar with the works on this list, check them out – almost all of them have been recorded, and you can purchase parts or find them in a university music library.

While you’re at it check out the rest of Dr. Kimball’s website.  There are several resources on breathing which are beneficial to all brass players, as well as tons of historical information on the trombone.  The site is well designed, and very professional-looking.

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