Cannon Music Camp

For the next three weeks I’ll be teaching horn at Cannon Music Camp, on the campus of my undergraduate Alma mater, Appalachian State University. Here’s a brief description of the camp from their Facebook page.

Since 1969, Cannon Music Camp has offered the most comprehensive course of musical instruction in the Southeast, with intensive college preparatory work in ensemble performance, one-on-one instruction, and music theory.

It’s a wonderful program, serving band, orchestral, choral, and piano students. This was the first music camp I ever attended, and I’m honored to be on the faculty this summer. There are eight horn students – including one from Louisiana – and they are all eager and talented. I’ll be getting to know them better in our weekly lessons and master classes, and will be posting some weekly updates here about the various horn-related and other activities during camp. One thing I’ve been thinking about lately is what topics to cover in the weekly master class. Since time is limited, there are some things we won’t have time to do, but we will definitely be talking about warm-ups/fundamentals, instrument maintenance, and other basic info, as well as things like recommended recordings and websites. I’m not living on campus during camp because both my parents and my wife’s parents live within an easy driving distance, but I plan to attend as many concerts and other camp events as my schedule allows. One last thing worth mentioning is that I’m teaching in my former horn teacher’s studio, which along with bringing back some great memories has the very nice view shown to the left.

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