Thailand Tour: Day 7

Today was our next to last day in Thailand, and we spent our morning performing and teaching at Silpakorn University, which is located a few miles from Mahidol University. As with Mahidol, Silpakorn had some great students, who were all very eager to learn. Our performance and master classes went very well, and we were treated to a wonderful lunch by our host, Lertkiat Chongjirajitra, Principal Trumpet of the Bangkok Symphony and trumpet professor at Silpakorn. Here are a few pictures from the horn masterclass and our brass trio performance.

20120607-221011.jpg 20120607-221053.jpg

After lunch we did a bit more sightseeing, visiting the Temple of the Golden Mount in Bangkok. In addition to the gorgeous architecture, this Buddhist temple affords an amazing panoramic view of the entire city.


We also spent a few minutes touring another of the city’s dozens of Buddhist temples.


Our dinner epitomized the diversity found here: American musicians dining at a German-themed restaurant in Thailand. The weather was perfect tonight for the open air tables, surrounded by landscaping reminiscent of a theme park.


Even though we will be departing Thailand tomorrow (Friday), we have a full day of activities planned, performing at a local high school in the morning, and at the Royal Thai Navy Music School in the afternoon. This will probably be my last post before we depart for America, but I will post some summary thoughts about this incredible trip once we’ve returned.

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