Holiday Break Practice Materials

I generally dial back my practice schedule over the Christmas and New Year holiday, unless there is a performance immediately following it. The physical and mental break is refreshing, but even more important is the extra time available to spend with family and friends. That being said, I’ve only gone one day this break without practicing – Christmas day. The rest of the time I’ve been working on various materials to keep my chops in shape and to do some advance preparation for performances later in the semester. At the very least I have been putting in about an hour to an hour and a half each day. This is substantially less than my normal routine, but adequate to minimize the time needed to return to 100% when the semester begins. Here’s the repertoire on my holiday practicing list.

Of these, I’ve been doing the 60 minute maintenance routine every day, along with scale practice and a few selections from Range Songs. After that I choose from among the other materials to round out my practice session. What do you like to practice over the holidays to stay in shape? Feel free to comment below.

As this will be my last post of 2012, I want to wish everyone a safe and prosperous New Year! See you all in 2013!

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