Kopprasch Project continued, No. 53

The relatively few lyrical studies in Kopprasch’s Op. 6 collection are among my favorites. Not only do they provide some much needed variety, but they also force me to work on elements of my playing which can go unnoticed in the faster, more technical studies. Suggested tempo markings in my edition are quarter=54-66, and I prefer this one on the slower side, maybe even quarter=52. To my ear that keeps the turns and 32nd notes from sounding rushed. Another thing to try is practicing the arpeggios with the corresponding tonic drones to ensure that each note is centered and in tune. I “splee-ahed” the sfz in measure 9 a bit, but I was happy enough with the rest of this particular take to keep it. One technical note is that the microphone gain was set a little too high, so there is some distortion in a few places. Will fix that on No. 54.

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