Kopprasch Project Continued, No. 47

This installment in the Kopprasch Project is another challenging study in mid/low range flexibility. These types of etudes really work out the range around my break, which is an area where I can use the practice! The time signature used in my edition is 12/16, with a suggested tempo of dotted-eighth=76-92. The more familiar Gumpert/Frehse edition uses 2/4 in the time signature, so a suggested tempo range there would be quarter=76-92. Finding the right tempo took a little of bit of experimenting; too fast and the low register skips became less clean, too slow and making the phrases in one breath became an issue. Eventually I settled around dotted-eighth (or quarter)=88. One practice tip is to slur slowly through this etude, breathing wherever necessary, just to find the centers of each note.

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