Kopprasch Project continued, No. 36

Here’s another Kopprasch video from the second half of this project (etudes 35-60). Things have been slower going this summer because of various other projects, but I plan to keep recording and posting videos periodically. Here are a couple of thoughts on this particular study.

  • For me, accuracy was more consistent if I avoided an extreme staccato. Unlike many other etudes in this collection, No. 36 is not marked staccato (at least in my edition).
  • The tempo for me settled around quarter=80-85. Feel free to try it slower or faster!
  • Practice the alternate articulations.
  • In the six measures following the double bar (after the first fermata), avoid the temptation to crescendo as the range increases. Unlike similar passages preceding and following this one, the dynamic should remain piano.

To be continued…

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