Kopprasch On Other Instruments

Although the famous Kopprasch Op. 6 studies were originally composed for horn, they also have quite a following among other brass instruments.  I know that versions of these etudes exist for trombone, tuba, and trumpet (and probably other instruments), which is a testament to their effectiveness. If you’ve been following my Kopprasch Etude Project on YouTube, you may also be interested in these alternate recordings.  I think horn players can learn quite a bit from these various interpretations, particularly in the areas of articulation and phrasing.

Kopprasch No. 1 on trombone, performed by Pepe Abe

Kopprasch No. 2 on tuba, performed by Peter Opaskar

Kopprasch No. 19 on trumpet, performer unknown

Kopprasch No. 46 on trumpet, performed by Vincenzo Riccio

If you know of Kopprasch editions for other instruments I’d love to hear about them.

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