Audio, Video Updates

Although the Kopprasch Project is on hiatus until January, I’ve been adding a few videos to my YouTube Channel as well as updating the Audio and Job Listings pages on this site. The three most recent videos are selections from a recital at ULM on November 29th. Overall I was quite pleased with the outcome, and am looking forward to recording these and other works by Jan Koetsier in the very near future. Hopefully these videos will interest you in Koetsier’s music for horn – they really are nice compositions and would be great on any recital. If you want to hear more you’ll have to check out the CD! Look for a release sometime in Spring 2013.

Jan Koetsier,  Sonatina, Op. 59, No. 1 for Horn and Piano

Jan Koetsier, Romanza, Op. 59, No. 2 for Horn and Piano

Jan Koetsier,  13 Etudes Caractéristiques, Op. 117, VIII, Rythme comme “Le sacre du printemps”

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