Horn World on Brass Musician and the HornZone

Several of my posts have been getting additional exposure on a couple of horn and brass-related sites: Brass Musician, an online magazine and forum, and the International Horn Society’s HornZone, a collection of online articles geared towards younger horn players.  They span a range of topics, and are (I hope) representative of the kinds of things I normally cover in this blog.  I am technically a guest contributor for Brass Musician, but of late I haven’t been uploading much content to the site.  Jon Gorrie, who runs Brass Musician, got in touch and asked if he could post some of the archived articles from Horn World, and I gladly agreed.  Brass Musician is a great looking and very well designed site, and I hope it continues to get lots of traffic.  Here are links to a few of my “recent” items on Brass Musician.

The HornZone is edited by Kyle Hayes, who picked a few more articles from Horn World to re-post there.  I’m not exactly sure how much traffic the HornZone gets, but since it is accessed from the main IHS site there is a potential for lots of readers.  Here are the links to those posts.

Make sure to check out the other content on both Brass Musician and the HornZone – they are filled with interesting and informative articles.  Along with Horn Matters, these two pages should be in the bookmarks toolbar or feed reader of every horn player.

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