Video: Choralfantasie for Horn and Organ, by Jan Koetsier

In early August I wrote about a recording session for Jan Koetsier’s Choralfantasie for Horn and Organ, Op. 89. Here is a live performance of the same piece, from a concert celebrating the 20th anniversary of the organ at First Presbyterian Church in Monroe, LA. My collaborator for this performance was Dr. Scot Humes, Associate Professor of Clarinet and Saxophone here at ULM, and also the organist at First Presbyterian. Dr. Humes graciously passed along a video of the concert. Although the audio was recorded using only the camera’s microphone, the quality is still pretty good. It is a substantial piece, lasting around 10 minutes, although the writing is much more difficult for the organ than the horn. The piece is a little too long to use in its entirety during a service, but as it is divided into several discrete sections there are quite a few cuts that could be made. If you can find a concert hall or church with a fine instrument as well as a good organist, the Choralfantasie would make a nice addition to a recital program.

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