Video Page Update, Part 2

This week I once again updated the video page on this site to include links to all of my current Kopprasch videos. Hopefully the table format will make it easier to find a particular study. In looking back through all thirty-nine of the etudes to find the links, it was quite interesting to notice the equipment changes (mouthpiece and horn), wardrobe variation (sometimes dressy, sometimes quite casual), and hair length (too long vs. too short). More importantly, though, this chart makes it clear how much of the project is complete, and how much remains. Though I’ve recorded nearly two-thirds of Op. 6, I don’t anticipate completing the project anytime soon – certainly not this academic year. With various performances and other projects in the works this year I realistically don’t expect to be able to record a large amount of Kopprasch, especially given the greater difficulty of the remaining studies. I’m fine with this, and actually really like the idea of having a long-term project out there. I’ll keep working on and recording them as I can, and posting updates here.

Other new additions to the video page include a short tutorial on stopped horn as well as some links to recent performances. If you have time, feel free to stop in and check out a few.

More Audio/Video Updates

I’ve updated my audio and video pages again, in an attempt make things more navigable. The recordings on the audio page are more recent, and grouped into solo, chamber, and orchestral performances. Check out the solo recordings for some interesting repertoire, including a movement from Jan Koetsier’s Sonata for Horn and Harp, the Fantasie, Op. 13, by C.D. Lorenz, and my arrangement of the Six Studies in English Folk Song by Vaughan Williams.  Have a listen to the chamber and orchestral recordings as well if you have time.

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