Ken Pope on Horn Repair

Ken Pope of Pope Instrument Repair recently posted a great video on disassembling and reassembling rotor valves.  If you aren’t familiar with Pope Repair, it is located in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts.  In addition to running his repair shop, Ken also sells pretty much anything and everything related to horns.  I’ve never purchased a horn from Ken, but over the years have ordered mouthpieces, sheet music, and various other items. The service and quality has always been top notch, and I highly recommend Pope Repair to all horn players.   Ken is also very personable and easy-going, which comes through in the video.  His instructions are clear and easy to understand, and if you’ve never disassembled a rotor but are interested in learning, this is a good place to start. I believe Ken is planning a whole series of videos on do-it-yourself repairs.

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