More Works for Horn by Jan Koetsier

koetsier_concertinoAlthough my solo CD Jan Koetsier: Music for Horn contains a large sampling of the composer’s works for the instrument, there are several others which I did not record. There were various logistical reasons for not including these compositions, chief among them finding the required personnel, as well as the sheer number of works. There is enough material for several recordings, and perhaps some of them will be included on a future project! If you’re already familiar with the solo works included on my recording, be sure to check out the following list of Koetsier’s compositions which include the horn. It has been culled from a much more comprehensive and detailed bibliography found here. Publisher information is included in brackets where available. Click on the publisher’s name for a direct link to each work. This is a hefty list, but there are actually many more works by Koetsier with horn, including several for large brass ensemble and mixed chamber groups. Visit the website mentioned above for the complete list.

Solo Horn/Solo Horn + Other Solo Instruments

  • Concertino for Horn and String Orchestra: To my knowledge, this is the only solo horn work of Koetsier’s which does not appear on my recording. Dedicated to Hermann Baumann, it has been recorded by Zbigniew Zuk and the Polish Radio Symphony (click here for more info). [Editions Bim]
  • Symphonietta Concertante for Solo Oboe, Solo Clarinet, Solo Horn, and Solo Bassoon with Strings [Donemus]

Horn Ensemble

Brass Trio/Brass Quartet/Brass Quintet/Brass Quintet + Harp or Another Instrument

Wind Quintet/Wind Quintet + Piano

  • Divertimento 1 for Wind Quintet [Donemus]
  • Divertimento 2 for Wind Quintet [Donemus]
  • Introduction et Folatrerie avec un Thème for Wind Quintet and Piano Left Hand [Donemus]
  • Sextet for Flute, Clarinet, Oboe, Horn, Bassoon and Piano [Donemus]


  • Dresdner Trio for Oboe, Horn, and Piano [Donemus]
  • Skurrile Elegie über Richard Wagner for Wagner Tuba and String Quartet [Donemus]
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