Intonation Exercises for One Horn

In lieu of a Kopprasch video this week I have some quick intonation exercises that can be played by one horn. To create this exercise I used Sibelius notation software, and then exported the file as audio (see below). The player should begin playing in mm. 4, then go back to mm. 1, and so on throughout the exercise. The well-known pattern, “horn fifths”,  goes through every key via the circle of fifths. The audio file will provide a pitch reference to gauge intonation and make adjustments. There are lots of other possibilities for creating your own custom intonation exercises and drones. Feel free to edit this one or come up with your own!

Download the printable exercise here:   Intonation Exercises for One Horn

Listen to the audio file here:

Download the audio file here: Intonation Exercises for One Horn (audio)

One caveat: the audio track does not use tempered intonation, so the player will have to make all of the requisite adjustments (low major thirds, etc.). This is different than an actual performing situation, but hopefully the exercise will train the ear to hear the intervals in tune anyway.

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