More Horn-Related Websites

Here’s a selection of interesting websites related to the horn. Some are new, and some have been around for awhile but I only recently stumbled across them. Enjoy!

  • Sarah Willis: Ms. Willis is a member of the Berlin Philharmonic’s world class horn section, and also an active teacher, soloist, clinician, and all around promoter of all things horn. Her new site is interactive and well-designed, and regularly features live streaming interviews with notable horn players from all over the world. Add this site to your bookmarks list now!
  • Englebert Schmid Horn Forum: I’m a big fan of Englebert Schmid‘s horns, as are many other players. His triple horns are fast becoming a standard in the field. Herr Schmid recently added this forum via a link from his website, and while much of the content is in German it does include a couple of threads in English on the topic of horn maintenance. One particularly interesting point in both discussions – one aimed at repair professionals and the other aimed at players – is that Schmid does not recommend chemically (or ultrasonically) cleaning his horns every year. NB: The server seems to be down for the moment, but hopefully it will be back up soon.
  • Four Hornsmen of the Apocalypse: This well-established professional quartet has maintained a website for some time, but I only recently spent a few minutes perusing their content. One of the gems is a free booklet called The Young Horn Player’s Guide. The guide is full of tips, exercises, and other useful information for horn players of all levels.
  • Looking for more handouts to supplement your current teaching materials?  Check out these other websites.
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