A Golden Clam from Horn Matters

I was surprised and honored on Wednesday to find out that my Kopprasch recording project on YouTube had been awarded a Golden Clam Award from Horn Matters.  I don’t have much prepared in the way of an acceptance speech, except to say that I have immense respect for both Bruce Hembd and John Ericson (the creators of Horn Matters).  They have been (and continue to be) great mentors and supporters, and I am grateful to have such wonderful colleagues.

As for the Kopprasch project, I expect to finish recording Book 1 by the end of this semester, but hopefully before that. As expected, the later studies take more time to work up to a good level for recording.  After that I will be taking a break from my Kopprasch work.  I do plan to record Book 2 at some point, but I have some other projects coming up that I’m looking forward to working on as well. One of these is a solo recording project – I have most of the repertoire decided at this point, but am very much still in the planning stages – more on this and other projects later.

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