The Other “Horn World”

For the last few months I’ve been considering purchasing my own domain name. There are some advantages to owning your own domain, and it is something I’m planning to do in the not-too-distant future.  However, I quickly found out that my first choice for domains ( was already taken!  The owner of that particular site is Glen Perry, a performer, teacher, and instrument technician (for more information on his repair business, visit   Glen’s site has been around a long time for the internet world (online since 1998), and has got some really interesting stuff on it. One very useful page has a list of serial numbers with corresponding manufacturing dates for instruments made by Holton, Conn, King, F.E. Olds & Son, and Reynolds. Glen has also designed a mouthpiece repair tool, specifically made for horn mouthpieces (for a detailed image of the device, click here.) In the quote below from his website, Glen explains the need for a horn-specific mouthpiece tool.

This tool will allow you to easily and quickly remove dents from the end of your mouthpiece.  Unlike other tools on the market, it was designed specifically for the French Horn mouthpiece taper. This will  help prevent accidental over stretching or cracking of the metal.  Easy to use, and small enough to to keep in pocket or case. Individually hand crafted from stainless steel for years of use.

It’s reasonably priced, and can be ordered through PayPal. While some of the content on appears to be under development still, much of the site is very usable. I look forward to seeing any further updates, but in the meantime I will be working on some possible domain names for this site.  It looks like is still available, but there are some other good options out there I’m sure. Got any ideas? Feel free to comment below.

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