Louisiana All-State Etudes for Horn

A few years ago I recorded all of the Louisiana All-State audition etudes for horn, and made them available on the ULM Horn Studio Website.  The etudes are organized into four sets, with two etudes (one fast, one slow) in each set. Louisiana rotates through one set each year.

I have always wanted to make these recordings more accessible to high school students, and when I read this post over at Horn Matters the light bulb finally turned on for me- YouTube!  Bruce Hembd posted a link to this excellent video, created by Dr. Jennifer Ratchford Sholtis, Associate Professor of Horn at Texas A&M University-Kingsville,  and recorded by TAMUK student Gabriel Hernandez.  He has recorded the 2010-2011 Texas All-State horn etudes, complete with music and annotations.  Their format was great, so I created something along the same lines with the Louisiana All-State etudes.

Set I

Set II


Set IV

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