Frank Ticheli Residency

We are very fortunate this month to have two internationally-known composers in residence.  Earlier in February Eric Ewazen spent several days on our campus, and later this week Frank Ticheli will be joining us for two nights of concerts and other events (photo at left linked from the composer’s website, photo by Graham Lindsey/Wavelength Media). Ticheli is on the composition faculty at the University of Southern California, but was actually born in this area. His compositions, especially for band, have won numerous prizes and other types of recognition. In addition to his many compositions for band, he also has a fair number of orchestral, choral, and chamber works.  Though I won’t be participating as a performer for this residency, I am looking forward to meeting Dr. Ticheli and hearing some fine performances of his chamber and large ensemble works by our students and faculty.  And while he does not currently have any music for solo horn in his catalog, he does have a few chamber works with horn, as well as solo works for other brass instruments  (trumpet and trombone respectively).   Based on his writing for the horn in his band works, I think a concerto for horn with band and/or orchestra by Ticheli would be an excellent addition to the repertoire. He understands the instrument and its capabilities very well, and writes beautifully for it. As James Beckel’s Glass Bead Game is proving, good solo literature for horn and band can be very popular.   For more information about the upcoming events as part of Frank Ticheli’s residency, visit this link.

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