Feeling Crafty? “Build” Your Own Horn Out of Paper!

While searching somewhat randomly on the internet, I ran across this paper horn, complete with assembly instructions and a pattern you can print out and cut (image at left). This design, created by artist K.Yoshinaka, is available for free on Canon Creative Park, a website specializing in “3D papercraft patterns”. Intricate doesn’t even begin to describe the level of complexity that would be involved in first cutting out the patterns and then gluing them together. Looking closely at the design pattern, I would assume that you’d need an X-acto Knife or something similar to make the precise cuts required. The bell and first branch patterns look easy enough, but once you get into the valve cluster and related parts things start to look a bit ridiculous. If you wanted to get really detailed, you could use different colored paper for an added layer of realism. Still, this seems like an interesting project, and definitely a great conversation starter for the teaching studio. Has anyone out there attempted to follow this pattern?  If so, did it work?  The same artist also has a pattern for a paper trumpet, which looks every bit as difficult to construct as the horn.

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