Range Requirements

Range Requirements for the Horn in Standard Brass Quintet Repertoire

All pitches are for horn in F [bass clef is in new notation]

Octave Designation System:

Octave Designation

C   B    c   b   c’   b’   c’’  b’’   c’’’

Lowest Pitch Highest Pitch
Composer Title
Amram, David Fanfare and Processional c# b”
Arnold, Malcolm Quintet No.1 Op. 73 c b”
Arutiunian, Alexander Armenian Scenes g a”
Bach, Jan Rounds and Dances A bb”
Laudes Bb b”
Barboteu, Georges Astral c# b” [highest possible pitch also notated]
Bazelon, Irwin Brass Quintet f c”’
Bernstein, Leonard Dance Suite ab cb”’
Bozza, Eugene Sonatine c a#”
Calvert, Morley Suite from the Monteregian Hills c ab”
Carter, Elliott Brass Quintet F# c”’
Cheetham, John A Brass Menagerie a bb”
Scherzo c’ e”
Childs, Barney Variations sur une chanson de canotier g bb”
Dahl, Ingolf Music for Brass Instruments e b”
Etler, Alvin Quintet B c”’
Ewald, Victor Quintet No. 1, Op. 5 b gb”
Quintet No. 2, Op. 6 a f”
Quintet No. 3, Op. 7 bb gb”
Ewazen, Eric Colchester Fantasy d a”
Ewazen, Eric Frost Fire f# g”
Frackenpohl, Arthur Brass Quintet f g”
Gregson, Edward Equale Dances e bb”
Quintet for Brass f b”
Hill, Douglas Intrada for Brass Quintet c’ c”’
Timepieces for Brass Quintet c c”’
Hindemith, Paul Plöner Musiktag: Morgenmusik g c”
Horovitz, Joseph Music Hall Suite g g”
Hovhaness, Alan Six Dances g g”
Sharagan and Fugue d’ g”
Husa, Karel Landcapes d# c”’
Divertimento f f”
Koetsier, Jan Kinderzirkus, op. 79b d a”
Brass Quintet, op. 65 c g”
Leclerc, Michel Par Monts et Par Vaux eb bb”
Lovelock, William Suite for Brass B b”
Lutoslawski, Witold Mini Overture gb c”’
McCabe, John Rounds eb a”
Persichetti, Vincent Parable for Brass Quintet d bb”
Plog, Anthony Four Sketches (Quintet No. 1) eb a”
Mosaics (Quintet No. 2) eb a”
Previn, André Four Outings c bb”
Renwick, Wilke Dance c#’ e”
Reynolds, Verne Suite for Brass Quintet a ab”
Rieti, Vittorio Incisioni a g”
Sampson, David Distant Voices db b”
Morning Music g a#”
Sanders, Robert Quintet in B-flat Bb f”
Schuller, Gunther Music for Brass Quintet c# c”’
Stevens, John Fabrics c# b”
Seasons g bb”
Tilson Thomas, Michael Street Song d b”
Tull, Fisher Coup de Brass b a”
Exhibition e g”
Wilder, Alec Brass Quintet No. 1 db b”

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