Low Horn Excerpts

Arnold, Malcolm Quintet No.1 Op. 73 III. Con brio reh. K-reh. L
Bach, Jan Rounds and Dances III. Carioca 4 mm.  after reh. K-reh. L
V. Galop 1 mm.  before reh. G-reh. H
Laudes I. Reveille beg.-mm.  5
II. Scherzo 8 mm.  before reh. C-6 mm.  before reh. C
Barboteu, Georges Astral n/a 1 mm.  before reh. D-7 mm.  after reh. D
n/a 1 mm.  after reh. G-7 mm.  after reh. G
Bazelon, Irwin Brass Quintet IV. Lively mm.  164-end
Bernstein, Leonard Dance Suite V. M T V mm. 18-24 (passage continues in a similar fashion for 13 more measures)
Bozza, Eugene Sonatine I. Allegro vivo 3 mm.  before reh. 5-3 mm.  after reh. 5
II. Andante ma non troppo reh. 1-reh 2
IV. Largo: Allegro vivo beg.-reh. 1 (with trombone and tuba)
Calvert, Morley Suite from the Monteregian Hills IV. Danse Villageosie reh. W-end
Carter, Elliott Brass Quintet n/a mm.  30-47
n/a mm.  81-95 [muted]
n/a mm.  233-259
Dahl, Ingolf Music for Brass Instruments I. Chorale Fantasy on “Christ Lay in the Bonds of Death” mm.  14-25
III. Fugue (Composer’s note: The indications “Solo” and “Tutti” apply only to Brass Choir performances. beg.-mm.  10
Etler, Alvin Quintet II. mm.  105-115
IV. mm.  62-65
Ewazen, Eric Colchester Fantasy II. The Marquis of Granby mm.  5-6
III. The Dragoon mm.  71-81
III. The Dragoon mm.  149-160
IV. The Red Lion mm.  13-17
IV. The Red Lion mm.  27-32
Frost Fire II. mm.  104-110
III. mm.  220-end
Gregson, Edward Equale Dances IV. Aria II 8 mm.  after reh. 21-10 mm.  after reh. 21
Quintet for Brass II. 4 mm.  before reh. 15-6 mm.  afer reh. 15
Hindemith, Paul Plöner Musiktag: Morgenmusik III. mm.  8-20
Husa, Karel Landcapes I. Northern Woods 2 mm.  after reh. D-reh. E
II. Northern Lakes reh. B-reh. C
III. Voyageurs reh. A-reh. B
III. Voyageurs [open] 6 mm.  after reh. N-14 mm.  after reh. N
Koetsier, Jan Kinderzirkus, op. 79b I. Kleiner Zirkusmarsch 16 mm.  after reh. H-25 mm.  after reh. H
IV. Der Jongleur 1 mm.  before reh. A-reh B
VI. Der Tanzbär 5 mm.  after reh. A-1 mm.  after reh. B
Brass Quintet, Op. 65 II. mm.  75-86
III. mm.  172-179 (passage continues in a similar fashion for 32 more measures)
Leclerc, Michel Par Monts et Par Vaux I. La Colline aux épilobes 2 mm.  before reh. 8-end
III. Jeux de la Lienne 3 mm.  after reh. 4-reh. 5
McCabe, John Rounds III. Lento ma movendo 6 mm.  before reh. 11-1 mm.  after reh. 11
Persichetti, Vincent Parable for Brass Quintet n/a mm.  88-101
Plog, Anthony Four Sketches (Quintet No. 1) II. mm.  53-60 (passage continues in a similar fashion for 23 more measures)
Four Sketches III. mm.  58-63
IV. mm.  8-20
IV. mm.  61-62
Mosaics (Quintet No. 2) II. mm.  56-end
III. mm.  5-9 (passage continues in a similar fashion for 8 more measures)
Sanders, Robert Quintet in B-flat II. mm.  62-67 [open]
Stevens, John Fabrics II. Sunshine and Shadow mm.  153-159
Seasons II. Summer mm.  26-37
Tilson Thomas, Michael Street Song n/a mm.  60-67

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