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Professional Brass Quintets around the World – A few of my favorites

American Brass Quintet

Atlantic Brass Quintet

Belgian Brass

Boston Brass

Canadian Brass

Center City Brass Quintet

Chicago Brass Quintet

Dallas Brass

Eastern Brass Quintet

Eastman Brass

Empire Brass

Florida State Brass Quintet

Gaudete Brass Quintet

Giannini Brass

Georgia Brass Quintet

Iowa Brass Quintet

Lyric Brass Quintet

Market Street Brass

Meridian Arts Ensemble

New Mexico Brass Quintet

New York Brass Quintet

Philip Jones Brass Ensemble

Potsdam Brass Quintet


Rhythm and Brass

Smoky Mountain Brass Quintet

Spanish Brass Luur Metalls

St. Louis Brass Quintet

Synergy Brass Quintet

Stockholm Chamber Brass

U.S. Air Force Heritage of America Band, Heritage Brass Quintet

U.S. Army Band “Pershing’s Own” Brass Quintet

U.S. Military Academy Band, Heritage Brass Quintet

U.S. Naval Academy Brass Quintet

U.S. Navy Band Brass Quintet

Western Brass Quintet

Wisconsin Brass Quintet

More Links!

American Brass Quintet – Online Database of Brass Quintet Compositions

Brass Ensemble Websites Worldwide (Click on “Bands” then “Brass Ensembles” in the top menu bar.)

Brass Ensemble Websites in the US

Videos – Various performances by professional brass quintets. Links subject to terms of use by their hosting sites (i.e. links may be disabled due to copyright restrictions)

Blair Brass Quintet: Live from Blair (complete concert!)

Boston Brass: Ginastera, Estancia Suite, Danza Finale

Canadian Brass Quintet: Magic Horn CD

Dallas Brass: Promo Video

Empire Brass Quintet: Chinese New Year Spectacular

Gaudete Brass Quintet: Weep, Weep Mine Eyes (1608)

Gewandhaus Orchestra Brass Quintet: Hansel und Gretel

Naval Academy Band Brass Quintet: Dahl, Music for Brass Instruments, III.Fugue

Prism Brass Ensemble: Gabrieli, Canzona Per Sonare No. 1

Rhythm and Brass: Promo Video

Synergy Brass Quintet: Promo Video

In Print – A Small Sampling


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Dissertations – Abstracts and complete texts available through ProQuest Dissertations and Theses

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