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James Boldin is a Professor of Music at the University of Louisiana Monroe, where he holds the Emy-Lou Biedenharn Endowed Chair in Music. Additionally, he has served as Interim Director (2022-2023) and Associate Director (2016-2022) of the ULM School of Visual and Performing Arts. He has performed and presented at the International Horn Symposium, the International Trombone Festival, the Midwest Clinic International Band and Orchestra Conference, the International Women’s Brass Conference, and numerous state and regional events. Boldin is proud to be a Yamaha Performing Artist, and performs on a variety of Yamaha horns, including the YHR 871 and YHR 671. He performs extensively with Black Bayou Brass and Trio Mélange, resident faculty ensembles at ULM, and has given recitals and master classes throughout the region and abroad. In 2018, Black Bayou Brass released Scenes from the Bayou(Mark Records),which features several World Premiere recordings for brass trio.

An active orchestral musician, Boldin holds positions with the Shreveport Symphony Orchestra, Rapides Symphony Orchestra, and Monroe Symphony Orchestra. He has also performed with the South Arkansas Symphony Orchestra, Louisiana Lyric Opera, Opera East Texas, and with numerous orchestras in the Midwest. As an advocate for new music, Boldin has commissioned and premiered numerous compositions for horn solo, brass trio, brass quintet, and other chamber ensembles.

His solo recording, Jan Koetsier: Music for Horn(MSR Classics), has been critically praised for “superb playing…on an extraordinarily high level of both technique and communicative abilities.” (Fanfare Magazine). He has authored three books – Solo Training for Horn, Solo Training Duets for Horns, andExcerpt Training Duets for Horns (Mountain Peak Music) – and has published dozens of articles, reviews, and musical arrangements. In 2012 and 2015, he was awarded Career Advancement Grants from the Louisiana Division of the Arts. Boldin earned the Doctor of Musical Arts and Master of Music degrees from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he studied with Douglas Hill, and a Bachelor of Music degree from Appalachian State University, where he studied with Karen Robertson. He is a member of The College Music Society, The National Association of College Wind and Percussion Instructors, and The International Horn Society, and has served as IHS area representative for the state of Louisiana. In 2020, he was appointed Publications Editor for the International Horn Society.


Helo, I’m Carlos from Portugal.
I’m a trombone player of a Portuguese Brass Quintet.
I saw from your site that you have played Plog’s Four Sketches for Brass Quintet. I’d like to know if you can send me the horn part of that piece by mail, because our horn player have lost it and he can’t find it.

Can you help us please?
Thank you
Carlos Silva


Dear James,
Greetings from Muncie, IN.
FYI, JOMAR Press has many new works for horn(s).
Mr. Jody Nagel, D.M.A. (U.T. Austin, 1992, composition)
Professor of Music Theory & Composition
Ball State University, School of Music
co-editor, Jomar Press. (www.jomarpress.com)

Arizona hornist, Tom Bacon, plays many Jomar pieces.


Hi Dr. Nagel,

Thanks for the information – I am familiar with JOMAR Press, mainly through the works of Mark Schultz. I’ll make sure to check out the catalog!

Best regards,

James Boldiin


Hi James,
i was most interested in your blog about choosing a new horn. I am a retired military musician, started out as a trumpet player and switched to horn 13 years ago. I am 63,, play and practice every day, live in Nashville Tennessee and mostly play in the “commercial” genre. I too play a 667V which I love, but have always wanted a top of the line horn, and have an order in for a new Engelbert Schmid ES1. I also play a Laskey mouthpiece and spoke at length to Scott Laskey at Midwest about the mouthpiece receiver on the leadpipe. I wanted a lightweight horn, love the brighter “Chicago” sound. Play in a church orchestra every Sunday and have been told by people who’s musical opinions that I respect that my 667V projects very well, so that is important. Anyway I expect my new Schmid to arrive sometime in Mid March. Thanks for your views


Hi Doug,

Thanks for reading my blog, and congratulations on your new horn purchase. I have been very happy with my ES1, although it took a few months to adjust to it after playing the Yamaha. They are both fine horns, but with a few differences. I’ve posted a few things about the horn here:

One feature I really like about the ES1 but have not yet tried out is the wide range of bell sizes and alloys that Schmid offers. When I ordered mine I went with a medium size flare, which I thought would match the feel of the Yamaha pretty closely. In the future I’m thinking about trying out some different bell flare/alloy combinations.

Best regards,

James Boldin


Just wanted to let you know that Phil Munds, Principal Horn of the Baltimore SO, released his second album in October 2011, Thin Space. This one and his first album, Spiorad contain truly magnificent horn playing. It might be worth a review if you are looking for something to write about.


Dear Mr Boldin,

I am trying to contact Stephen Gamble who I read has been in contact with you.
I was a student of Leonard Brain whose widow Audrey recently passed away and whose obituary was written by Stephen Gamble.
I would like to get some further information relating to Audrey.

Many thanks in anticipation,

Laurence A Frankel


Wonderful; website and so much valuable information. And thanks for the Massenet.
Dave in Colorado Springs
P.S. Do you know Steve Edwards, trombone player down that way?


Steve lives in Shreveport. He is quite active in the giggng scene, but has not played with the SSO in some time. How about Dr. Doug Peterson, trombone and music educator from Boosier City” Also I am friends with the guy who used to play lead horn with the Shreveport Symphony, Bob Noonen. Bob lives over in Paonia, Colorado and is in poor health. I had hope to do a little program for him but have not made it over this Summer. Maybe in August. You imporess me very much and I am fortunate to have found your website.
Dave in Colorado Springs


Dr James. Stumbled on your site. WOW! What a lot of effort-work you’ve done-doing. You must be super efficient-effective to accomplish your endeavors. My utmost respect & hearty congrats. BTW. Health forced Horn playing retirement after almost 70 years. Been there. Done that. GN


I’m trying to locate the horn technician (repairman) in the Albuquerque area who is supposed to be so terrific. I had his address but, of course, can’t now locate it. Could you help?


I left the following message in a different section of Horn World but was not certain it was the correct place to post it.

Dr. Boldin, would you consider mentioning my website frenchhornchambermusicplus.com on Horn World. I believe the site would be of interest, and a benefit to the horn playing community. If you visit the site and find it valuable I would be grateful to you for helping to spread the word about the site.

I’m sorry for the duplication of my message to you.

Jim Irwin


Dr. Boldin, I very much appreciate that you mentioned frenchhornchambermusicplus.com on James Boldin’s Horn World. I hope some of your followers will find it interesting and useful. Continued good luck to you on your website.

Jim Irwin


Dear Dr.Boldin,

My name is Basil Kritzer, an American horn player and a teacher of the Alexander Technique in Tokyo, Japan.

You’re articles are so valuable and interesting, that I would very much like to translate them into Japanese so that it can be understood by the Japanese community of musicians and horn players. Of course, a prominent link to your original article will be shown at the beginning and at the end of the translation.

Here’s my blog (all in Japanese)

This blog includes translation of articles written by Pip Eastop and David Wilken, both of whom publish extremely valuable articles. ( I have personally studied with Pip a few times )

The articles I want to translate as soon as possible are

This one ;

and this one;

Would you let me do that ?

All the Best,

Basil Kritzer


Hello Mr. Kritzer,
Thanks for visiting my website! Yes, please feel free to translate and repost the above-mentioned articles from jamesboldin.com

Best regards,



Dear James, I’m writing an Honors paper on Justinian Tamusuza’s piece Okukoowala Kw’Ekkondeere. I’m woindering whether you’d be open to replying to a few questions about preparing for and performing the piece ?
Kind regards


Dr. Boldin,

I read your review of the app, Quality Tones. My horn teacher introduced me to the app just a few days ago. However, she has an iPhone while I have a Motorola Razr – Android phone.

Turns out, on the iPhone it is a great app. The Bullseye feature that gives you immediate feedback is the real valuable part of the app. AND…unfortunately, that is the part that does NOT work on Android. It is unclear when it will work or if it will in the future.

So, until they fix this, I would say that for iPhone users, definitely download and use the app. For us Android users, don’t waste the time until it has all of its features working.

Disappointed…but not going to change phones for an app.

G. Watson


Hi James,

I enjoyed reading your entry re: Holton 200. I have a wonderful one that has rebuilt valves and is in great condition, purchased for me by my parents in 1981. It’s in original case and in excellent condition and I’ve played it a lot! I just own a Hill triple and don’t need it so much now. So, I’m going to sell it and wondered what price point you’d recommend? Thanks! Lisa Bontrager, Dist. Professor of Horn, Penn State, ljb5@psu.edu


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