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Monday Video: Stopped Horn

As a supplement to an upcoming presentation on stopped horn at the 65th annual Midwest Clinic, I put together this brief video summarizing some of the main points about stopped horn technique.  The video is meant to accompany a handout and exercises, which you can download from the Midwest Clinic’s clinician page.  One note about… Read More ›

Stopped Horn Exercises

Out of all the special or “extended” techniques available on the horn, stopped horn is probably the most frequently requested.  One could even argue that stopped horn has now become so common place that it isn’t even really an extended technique any more.  However, lots of students have trouble with this technique, and for the… Read More ›


Stopped Horn Excerpts, Part 2

In part 2 of this series on stopped horn excerpts, we’ll look at a few more orchestral works which feature prominent stopped horn parts, as well as an excerpt from the band literature.  In part 1 we focused on solo excerpts from Rimsky-Korsakov’s Capriccio Espagnol and Rachmaninov’s The Rock , but in this post we’ll… Read More ›


Stopped Horn Excerpts, Part 1

Lately I’ve been looking quite a bit at excerpts from the orchestral repertoire which feature stopped horn, either in solos or tutti passages.  Over the next two posts I’ll be discussing a few of them in some detail, and sharing a list of several other works which call for either stopped or muted horn.  The… Read More ›

Three Things You Should Practice Every Day

Although you might not be required to perform each of these techniques every day, it is essential that you keep them in good shape so that they are ready to go when you do need them.  I’ve found that even just five minutes or so of dedicated practice in each area helps to maintain proficiency. … Read More ›


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