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Kopprasch Project Continued, No. 50

Etude No. 50 is similar to No. 48, but focuses primarily on diatonic (instead of chromatic) scales and arpeggios. Suggested tempo is quarter-note=104-120, although a more brisk Presto can work as well, provided that everything is clean without sounding frantic. The “espressivo” marking is interesting, and there are probably several ways to interpret it, including… Read More ›

Video Page Update, Part 2

This week I once again updated the video page on this site to include links to all of my current Kopprasch videos. Hopefully the table format will make it easier to find a particular study. In looking back through all thirty-nine of the etudes to find the links, it was quite interesting to notice the… Read More ›

Kopprasch Project continued, No. 39

Here’s another video in the Kopprasch Project, No. 39 (Molto allegro). My edition suggests a tempo of quarter note=76-112, and for this recording I settled around quarter=95. One key to playing this one-at least for me-was to avoid excess jaw tension in the mid and upper range, especially when approaching an isolated low note. For… Read More ›

Kopprasch Project continued, No. 8

This week’s Kopprasch combines triadic and stepwise patterns.  Strive for evenness of sound and articulation across the dynamic and register changes.  Focus on air speed intensity rather than excessive embouchure motion at a slow tempo before attempting faster speeds.  Suggested tempo is quarter=84-88.  Make sure you put enough air into the descending octave slurs, (mm…. Read More ›


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