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Kopprasch Project Continued, No. 34

Etude No. 34 (the final study in Book 1) marks the end of my Kopprasch project, at least for the immediate future.  Suggested tempo is quarter=96, although the Cornopub edition lists a range from quarter=80-120. The biggest issue in the first half is finding a place to breath. It is possible to play from measure… Read More ›

Kopprasch Project Continued, No. 19

Here’s the next installment, No. 19.  Suggested tempo for this one is dotted quarter=60-65.  One stylistic thing is to make sure that when slurred sixteenth notes are immediately followed by staccato sixteenths that the last of the slurred notes is not clipped.  This is a very easy habit to fall into, especially at faster tempos. … Read More ›

Kopprasch Project Continued, No. 17

For some reason, No. 17 was particularly difficult for me, but I eventually got it recorded. Actually, I know exactly why this one was challenging – it emphasizes the area in and around my “break,” and I’m betting this is a range many other players struggle with also. One thing that helped me is practicing… Read More ›

Kopprasch Project Continued, No. 11

Here’s your weekly Kopprasch. This particular etude is quite unusual in that it doesn’t really seem to fit with the progression of the rest of the collection.  Many editions in fact suggest that this study be postponed until later, usually in Book 2.  However, in the interest of thoroughness I decided to go ahead and… Read More ›

Kopprasch Project continued, No. 10

Here’s the next installment in the Kopprasch video project. Suggested tempo is half note=92.  As with No. 8, this study emphasizes patterns largely composed of thirds and whole/half steps.   Pay particular attention to those measures where the pattern deviates (i.e. m. 13 and m. 29).  Keep it light.

Kopprasch Project continued, No. 8

This week’s Kopprasch combines triadic and stepwise patterns.  Strive for evenness of sound and articulation across the dynamic and register changes.  Focus on air speed intensity rather than excessive embouchure motion at a slow tempo before attempting faster speeds.  Suggested tempo is quarter=84-88.  Make sure you put enough air into the descending octave slurs, (mm…. Read More ›

Kopprasch Project Continued, No. 7

This week’s Kopprasch is the first in this collection with the tempo marking Adagio.  Although the majority of Kopprasch etudes tend to focus on drilling fundamental technical elements at moderate to fast tempos, the slower etudes are great for working on breath control, phrasing, intonation, and yes, even musicality.  While No. 7 appears quite simple,… Read More ›

Kopprasch Project continued, No. 6

Here’s your weekly dose of Kopprasch.  Recording things should get interesting in the next couple of weeks with the Southeast Horn Workshop coming up, as well as a recital and several orchestral and chamber music performances.  Actually, I am really enjoying going back over these etudes – trying to get them into shape for recording… Read More ›


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