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Job Listings Page Update

January 3, 2013

Check out the Job Listings page for information on several upcoming auditions, including positions in the New York Philharmonic, U.S. Marine Band, and Wheeling Symphony Orchestra.

Thoughts on David Zerkel’s “Some Suggestions on Being an Effective Music Student”

Recently David Zerkel, Associate Professor of Tuba and Euphonium at the University of Georgia, posted a great Facebook note titled “Some Suggestions on Being an Effective Music Student, 2012 Edition.” The note quickly went viral, at least amongst music teachers, and can be easily found on Facebook. In addition, Kyle Hayes has reposted the note… Read More ›


Thailand Tour: Day 3

We spent most of today sightseeing around Bangkok. By the way, we will be doing plenty of performing and teaching on this tour, but our concerts and master classes will take place later in the week. Although in some respects it would have been nice to perform first and sightsee later, for the most part… Read More ›

Taking the Week Off

I’ll be taking this week off from blogging, but will resume next week with reports from our brass trio’s Thailand tour.


End of Semester Juries: Some Thoughts and Observations

My apologies for being behind in blog posts for last week: in addition to the normal end of semester crunch (grading, juries, etc.), we’ve also been without internet at our new residence. Hopefully the issue will be resolved soon, but for now I will be grabbing some time to blog here and there in the… Read More ›

Students: Looking for Something to Do this Summer?

We heard some great brass juries today – bravo to all the students on their hard work!  I’m planning to post a bit more about juries on Wednesday, but for today here’s a list of some projects for horn students (and other brass players) to consider over the summer break. Summer is a great time… Read More ›

Friday Review: Improvisation Games for Classical Musicians, by Jeffrey Agrell

This week we’ll look at Improvisation Games for Classical Musicians, a book by Jeffrey Agrell, Associate Professor of Horn at the University of Iowa (cover image linked from I’ve known Professor Agrell for several years, and I’m always amazed by his creativity and sheer productivity.  In addition to his teaching and performing duties at… Read More ›

Feeling Crafty? “Build” Your Own Horn Out of Paper!

While searching somewhat randomly on the internet, I ran across this paper horn, complete with assembly instructions and a pattern you can print out and cut (image at left). This design, created by artist K.Yoshinaka, is available for free on Canon Creative Park, a website specializing in “3D papercraft patterns”. Intricate doesn’t even begin to… Read More ›

More on Copyright, Public Domain, and Buying Music

Thanks to some great comments on my earlier post about copyright, I decided to make this a two- parter. “horndude77” posted the following comments to my original post, which inspired some further thinking on my part. This commenter has clearly given the issue some serious thought. In the interest of clarity, I’ve broken up horndude77’s… Read More ›

Copyright, Public Domain, and Buying Music

One nice feature of this blog is that I can see what search terms have directed people towards this site. Quite often these search strings result in ideas for new posts. The majority of these searches seem completely legitimate, and I am thankful for all of my readers. However, with some regularity I see searches… Read More ›


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